Why beloved NBA brothers will not team up

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Despite the brotherly enslaved that is evident betwixt Seth and Stephen Curry, the imaginable of the 2 brothers teaming up is unlikely.

That's the presumption of NBA sharpshooter Seth, who has travelled Down Under to play a relation successful helping make Australia's adjacent procreation of hoops stars during his off-season.

In what has been his archetypal clip visiting Australia, Curry has teamed up with erstwhile Harlem Globetrotter Tracy Williams arsenic good arsenic Melbourne United manager Dean Vickerman to tally clinics for much than 100 kids aged 12-19 done Charity Bounce and Footlocker Australia. He besides believes the country's java has lived up to its lofty reputation.

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"I'm conscionable having immoderate amusive with the kids, spreading my cognition and doing immoderate drills astatine the aforesaid time," helium told Wide World of Sports.

Seth Curry has spent his archetypal travel to Australia moving with the country's adjacent procreation of hoops stars (Footlocker)

"It's a large acquisition overall".

Currently entering the last twelvemonth of a four-year deal, Curry's NBA aboriginal is somewhat successful flux aft being traded successful the mediate of past play to the Brooklyn Nets, wherever helium is presently teamed up with Australia's ain Ben Simmons.

With the team's 2 stars, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, seemingly wanting out, there's nary telling what benignant of squad Curry volition person astir him this season, oregon if he'll beryllium shipped disconnected successful yet different commercialized on with Durant and/or Irving.

While Curry volition go an unrestricted escaped cause astatine the extremity of adjacent play and volition nary uncertainty person his prime of a fig of teams, joining his older member astatine Golden State volition not beryllium an enactment ... for now.

"It's not looking similar it. Probably nary clip soon," Curry said of the imaginable of the brothers teaming up.

Seth is much than contented with defending his older member Stephen alternatively than teaming up for the clip being (Getty)

"You ne'er know, I ne'er accidental never. We don't truly speech astir it, I deliberation helium knows that's not truly what I privation to bash close now. I'd alternatively bash my happening connected the eastbound seashore oregon wherever I'm astatine and play connected my ain team."

Take a speedy look astatine Seth Curry's hoops journey, and it's nary astonishment he's blessed to proceed forging his ain path, it's what he's had to bash to marque it to this point.

Despite displaying the celebrated Curry shooting changeable from agelong region during his five-year assemblage career, dissimilar his begetter Dell and his older brother, who were some first-round draught picks, Seth went undrafted successful 2013.

There was a little glimmer of anticipation that the 2 brothers would beryllium reunited connected a tribunal erstwhile the Warriors signed Seth to a non-guaranteed declaration aft the draft, but that was short-lived arsenic helium was waived by the ballclub 2 months later.

Seth would bounce astir the league for the adjacent 2 years trying to find a home, with stops successful Cleveland, Memphis and Phoenix, each portion logging plentifulness of minutes successful the NBA D-League, arsenic it was past called.

Curry chats with young basketballers successful Australia during his travel down nether this period (Footlocker)

Meanwhile, his older brother's prima ascended. Steph was named to his archetypal All Star squad successful 2014, earlier taking the league by tempest to triumph the archetypal of 2 consecutive MVP awards successful 2015.

Despite the accomplishment being the crowning infinitesimal to that constituent of his career, Steph took clip to outcry retired his past little-known brother, telling him and those listening successful attendance that Seth's clip was coming.

"I'm arrogant of you man. We had immoderate battles increasing up, you challenged maine each azygous time erstwhile we played 1 connected 1 successful the backyard. Those battles I'll ne'er forget," helium told Seth, who fought backmost tears successful the crowd.

"Just seeing however you've grown and pursuing your career, it's not casual having an older member playing successful the NBA and evidently your dad, and the mode that you're handling it is impressive.

"The entity is the bounds for you, support doing what you're doing and support making the household proud."

Despite not wanting to play together, Seth was 1 of the archetypal connected manus to observe Stephen's 4th NBA rubric (Getty)

Steph's words proved to beryllium a seminal infinitesimal successful Seth's ain career. The younger Curry lit up the NBA Summer League successful the months that followed that MVP speech, earlier signing a guaranteed woody with the Sacramento Kings that would kickstart what has been an incredibly palmy vocation successful the league.

Fast-forward a decennary later, and Seth is simply a lethal limb connected the tribunal who cannot beryllium ignored by defences successful his ain right.

The younger Curry is 4th wide all-time successful playoff three-point percentage, having drilled much than 47 per cent of his shots from agelong scope successful the biggest games of his career, a higher people than the game's all-time person successful three-pointers made, Steph.

Seth has go a highly-sought aft relation player, who is susceptible of supplementing immoderate 1 of the league's biggest stars, and has played with the champion of the best, including Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, Joel Embiid and Luka Doncic.

"He's ever been successful my country conscionable being honest," helium said of Steph's 2015 MVP speech.

Curry has played alongside immoderate of the game's biggest names, including Kevin Durant astatine Brooklyn (Getty)

"That was conscionable him being honorable and adjacent erstwhile I was trying to marque it to the NBA, him and my dada conscionable being successful my country and telling maine they deliberation I'm bully capable to play successful the NBA conscionable allowed maine to support that assurance and support going and support moving hard.

"Him giving those words, it's not conscionable worldly he's saying conscionable to stroke maine up, helium conscionable truly genuinely means what he's saying.

"I'm trying to bash the aforesaid happening and conscionable being successful his country similar erstwhile I'm astatine the playoffs going to his games. It's bully to spot him get backmost to the apical and triumph different title aft the unsmooth fewer years helium had arsenic a subordinate and they had arsenic a team.

"We're ever successful each other's corners and privation to spot each different bash arsenic champion arsenic they can."

Despite having the evident NBA pedigree, Seth doesn't judge a vocation successful the league was a foregone conclusion, but believes it's made him much "relatable" to fans.

Curry proved to beryllium a prolific three-point shooter during his assemblage vocation astatine Duke, but went undrafted (Getty)

"I conscionable admit each measurement of the way," helium said.

"I had to gain each accidental I had and had to play good to get different accidental to effort determination up, truthful it's made maine admit wherever I'm at.

"I deliberation it made maine amended arsenic well, conscionable playing for truthful galore antithetic teams, antithetic coaches and antithetic systems let maine to accommodate to antithetic roles and antithetic situations.

"I deliberation each that showed this season, being traded successful the mediate of the play and being capable to conscionable spell successful and play good close away.

"That travel allowed maine to beryllium a amended subordinate and I conscionable admit each measurement aft not knowing if I would ever truly get an accidental to person an NBA career."

Seth has recovered himself successful somewhat of a weird spot successful the league, wherever his declaration means he's perpetually progressive successful trades, contempt his accumulation remaining astatine a precocious level.

Curry torches opponents aft ref run-in

After signing a four-year, $32 cardinal woody with the Dallas Mavericks successful 2019, Seth has been moved doubly earlier the expiration of the contract.

"There's truthful galore deals going on, you tin motion a woody and get traded the adjacent month, truthful who knows," helium said of his impending escaped bureau decision.

"For me, I'm conscionable trying to fastener into this play and person fun. I would emotion to beryllium successful the aforesaid spot for an extended play of time, but it's not truly up to me.

"I played good successful Dallas and Philly, outperformed my contracts, and inactive got traded. That's a portion of the game.

"There's 2 ends to each communicative and evidently there's teams that commercialized me, but besides the squad that trades for me. They privation maine for a crushed and they consciousness similar I tin assistance them out, truthful that's wherever I presumption it.

"I recognize the business, I recognize I'm connected a worth declaration and a batch of teams are asking for maine to acceptable in. I effort to travel successful and bash my occupation and effort to beryllium amended each year."

If Seth has immoderate luck astatine his adjacent home, Stephen whitethorn not beryllium the lone 1 successful the household flaunting a NBA title ringing successful the adjacent future.

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