What is Nissan e-Power and how does it make the Qashqai better?

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(Pocket-lint) - Nissan has been talking astir e-Power since 2016, presenting a beauteous unsocial powertrain - and changing the attack to however your car is powered.

Now that Qashqai e-Power orders are opening it's worthy taking a deeper dive into precisely what e-Power offers and however it works.

Is e-Power a hybrid system?

Yes e-Power is simply a signifier of hybrid successful the consciousness that it uses some an electrical centrifugal and combustion motor to powerfulness the car.

But it's unsocial and operates otherwise to different hybrid systems, utilizing electrical motors to thrust the wheels, alternatively than the engine.

So it's much similar an electrical car?

Yes, e-Power is person to an electric car successful that it's utilizing electrical motors to thrust the wheels and the petrol motor is providing powerfulness to the electrical system, similar a generator. Unlike different hybrids, there's nary gearbox/transmission, due to the fact that the motor isn't driving the wheels directly.

In that sense, it's much similar an electrical drivetrain.


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How does e-Power work?

In astir hybrid cars, the motor drives the car via the transmission, arsenic good arsenic charging the battery, which tin past powerfulness an electrical centrifugal to supply a boost to thrust the car done the existing drivetrain.

In Nissan's e-Power system, the motor provides powerfulness to complaint the artillery and tally the electrical centrifugal which past drives the wheels. As we said, there's nary transmission successful e-Power.

The important constituent is that electrical motors are driving the wheels, conscionable similar successful an electrical car, alternatively than acting arsenic a secondary system.

What are the advantages of e-Power?

The large vantage is ratio implicit a accepted petrol engine. The motor successful the Qashqai e-Power strategy is simply a 1.5-litre Infiniti motor utilizing a adaptable compression ratio and it tin tally overmuch much efficiently than successful a mean car due to the fact that the loads tin beryllium overmuch amended managed.

There's nary gearbox due to the fact that the motor is lone providing powerfulness to the electrical strategy and the effect is that an e-Power car drives similar an electrical car.

That means you get instant torque from the motors and a creaseless transportation of that power, without immoderate steps caused by cogwheel changes.

Returning to efficiency, due to the fact that the motor is amended managed it's easier to trim emissions portion preserving a long-range for the vehicle. The authoritative scope of the Qashqai e-Power is implicit 1000km (600+ miles).

In our trial drives, we recovered it would easy mean 50mpg which is large for an SUV - portion compared to different Qashqai models, the e-Power delivers little emissions, much torque, powerfulness and it's faster to 62mph too!

The Qashqai e-Power has the aforesaid 55-litre petrol vessel that the accepted Qashqai has and you simply refuel it successful the aforesaid way.

What are the disadvantages of e-Power?

The large downside to e-Power, of course, is that you're inactive moving a combustion motor and that means determination are emissions to consider. From an aerial contamination constituent of view, it's not arsenic greenish arsenic a artillery electrical car.

It's a stepping chromatic to electrical cars

Nissan precise overmuch sees e-Power arsenic a stepping chromatic for drivers. There are ratio gains, sure, but the biggest alteration that you'll announcement is however it drives.

It's accelerated disconnected the line, it's creaseless and it's beauteous quiet, though there's inactive immoderate sound coming from the motor - it's not arsenic quiescent arsenic an electrical car.

But you person the enactment for EV mode (just similar successful different hybrids), portion Nissan offers its e-Pedal too, which fundamentally allows you to thrust without having to usage the brake, acknowledgment to the braking effect of regen erstwhile you assistance off.


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Can you plug successful an e-Power car?

No. Nissan says that this is designed to bespeak the existent simplicity of driving an ICE (internal combustion engine) conveyance and the artillery successful this e-Power exemplary is really rather tiny astatine 2.1kWh. That means it's a overmuch little capableness than galore plug-in hybrids.

There are 2 reasons for this. The archetypal is the value compromise and the 2nd is cost. Batteries are dense and expanding the artillery would instrumentality up abstraction determination - astir apt distant from the petrol vessel which would impact the wide range, which expanding the weight, which would little the efficiency.

On cost, the Qashqai e-Power successful the UK is lone a small much costly than the regular version, portion plug-in hybrids thin to person a overmuch higher premium - truthful it's apt that e-Power volition beryllium much accessible and pull much income arsenic a result.

So portion you don't get the vantage of having that 30-mile electrical driving scope that astir plug-in hybrids offer, you besides don't person the disadvantage of little interior abstraction oregon little wide range.


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What's it similar to thrust an e-Power car?

We've driven the Nissan Qashqai e-Power and from the exterior, there's truly nary quality successful appearance, isolated from the e-Power badging.

The aforesaid applies to the interior - there's a somewhat antithetic thrust selector (it's the aforesaid arsenic the Ariya), but different it's fundamentally the aforesaid arsenic immoderate different Qashqai. You'll find a artillery metre successful the operator display, options to amusement the powerfulness travel (common connected hybrids) arsenic good arsenic the e-Pedal and EV fastener we mentioned.

The existent quality is successful the smoothness of the driving: the e-Power strategy is creaseless to present powerfulness due to the fact that it's coming from the electrical centrifugal and there's nary jolting betwixt systems arsenic tin sometimes hap with hybrid systems switching from electrical to combustion.


What is Nissan e-Power and however  does it boost the Qashqai? photograph  5

It's fundamentally similar driving a much refined Qashqai, amended wide than the acquisition of the XTronic Qashqai - not to notation giving the payment of greater range.

The motor doesn't tally each the clip and it tin springiness a somewhat awkward growl erstwhile fires up, but overall, it feels somewhat much blase than hybrid setups successful different cars.

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Writing by Chris Hall.

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