UN Ocean Conference ends with call for greater ambition and global commitment to address dire state of the Ocean

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Recognizing the past “collective failure” successful the Conference’s last declaration, satellite leaders called for greater ambition to guarantee that the dire authorities of the water is addressed, and admitted frankly to being “deeply alarmed by the planetary exigency facing the ocean”.

At the closing, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs, Miguel de Serpa Soares, commended co-hosts - Portugal and Kenya – for the conference’s tremendous success.

“[The Conference] has fixed america the accidental to unpack captious issues and make caller ideas. It besides made wide the enactment that remains, and the request to standard up that enactment for the betterment of our ocean”, Mr. Serpa Soares said, adding that it is indispensable to present crook the tide.

More than 6,000 participants, including 24 Heads of State and Government, and implicit 2,000 representatives of civilian nine attended the Conference, advocating for urgent and factual actions to tackle the water crisis.

Collective nonaccomplishment

Recognizing a “collective nonaccomplishment to execute Ocean related targets” truthful far, leaders renewed their committedness to instrumentality urgent enactment and to cooperate astatine each levels, to afloat execute targets arsenic soon arsenic possible.

Among the challenges the Ocean faces are coastal erosion, rising oversea levels, warmer and much acidic waters, marine pollution, overexploitation of food stocks and alteration of marine biodiversity.

Acknowledging that clime alteration is “one of the top challenges of our time”, and the request to “act decisively and urgently to amended the health, productivity, sustainable usage and resilience of the water and its ecosystems”, apical politicians gathered successful Lisbon stressed that science-based and innovative actions, on with planetary cooperation, are indispensable to supply the indispensable solutions.

Calling for transformative change, leaders stressed the request to code the cumulative impacts of a warming planet, connected the ocean, including ecosystem degradation and taxon extinctions.

Reaffirming commitments

Reaffirming that the water is cardinal to beingness connected our satellite and to our future, the signatories emphasized the peculiar value of implementing the Paris Agreement of 2015, and past November’s Glasgow Climate Pact to assistance guarantee the health, productivity, sustainable use, and resilience of the ocean.

“We are committed to halting and reversing the diminution successful the wellness of the ocean’s ecosystems and biodiversity, and to protecting and restoring its resilience and ecological integrity.

Voluntary commitments include:

  • The Protecting Our Planet Challenge volition put astatine slightest USD $1 cardinal to enactment the creation, expansion, and absorption of marine protected areas by 2030.
  • The European Investment Bank volition widen an further EUR 150 cardinal crossed the Caribbean Region arsenic portion of the Clean Oceans Initiative to amended clime resilience, h2o absorption and coagulated discarded management.
  • Portugal committed to guarantee that 100 per cent of the marine country nether Portuguese sovereignty oregon jurisdiction is assessed arsenic being successful Good Environmental State and classify 30% of the nationalist marine areas by 2030.
  • Kenya is presently processing a nationalist bluish system strategical plan, inclusive and multistakeholder-oriented. Kenya besides committed to processing a nationalist enactment program connected sea-based marine integrative litter.
  • India committed to a Coastal Clean Seas Campaign and volition enactment toward a prohibition connected azygous usage plastics.

“We telephone for an ambitious, balanced, practical, effective, robust, and transformative post-2020 planetary biodiversity framework”, the Lisbon declaration continued.

Resilient and steadfast marine environments are the foundations of clime regularisation and sustainable development, with the imaginable to nutrient nutrient and vigor for billions.

At the conference, more than 150 Member States made voluntary commitments to conserve oregon support astatine slightest 30 percent of the planetary ocean wrong Marine Protected Areas, and different effectual area-based conservation measures, by 2030.

“I americium impressed by the caller commitments [countries made], Mr. Serpa Soares said astatine the closing ceremony, adding that “commitments indispensable beryllium implemented astatine gait and monitored”. Some examples include:

  • Protecting oregon exceeding 30% of nationalist maritime zones by 2030
  • Achieving c neutrality by 2040
  • Reducing integrative pollution
  • Increasing renewable vigor use
  • Allocating billions of dollars to probe connected water acidification, clime resilience projects and to monitoring, power and surveillance

Beyond 2030

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) aims to execute the subject we need, for the water we want.

With the ngo to make and usage cognition for the transformational enactment needed to execute a healthy, safe, and resilient water for sustainable improvement by 2030 and beyond, the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of the UN Scientific, Educational and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is driving improvement for the Decade of action.

For that, the Decade model is designed to nutrient better-informed water management, reconstruct food stocks; mobilize actions for sustainable fisheries and sustainable aquaculture for sufficient, harmless and nutritious food.

One of the biggest threats to our oceans is man-made pollution.

Ocean Image Bank/Thomas Horig

One of the biggest threats to our oceans is man-made pollution.

It’s besides geared to reducing marine contamination of each kinds, from some onshore and oversea based sources, and enactment towards much effectual marine protection, and make and instrumentality measures to accommodate to clime change, reducing catastrophe risk, and the impacts of oversea level rise, unneurotic with reducing emissions from maritime transportation.

Recognizing that processing countries, successful peculiar tiny land processing States (SIDS) and slightest developed countries, look peculiar capableness challenges, governmental leaders are committing to fortify information postulation efforts, and enhancing practice astatine each levels to stock knowledge.

After Lisbon

Financing is different peculiar absorption of the declaration. The seven-page papers states that innovative financing solutions indispensable beryllium recovered to thrust the translation towards sustainable ocean-based economies, and standard up nature-based solutions, arsenic good arsenic ecosystem-based approaches to enactment the resilience, restoration, and conservation of coastal ecosystems.

Declaring that the Conference proved the Blue Economy is present a immense portion of the aboriginal security of humanity, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean, Peter Thomson, called for much fiscal resources for it.

Sustainable sportfishing  is improving livelihoods successful  Haiti.

UNDP/Pierre Michel Jean

Sustainable sportfishing is improving livelihoods successful Haiti.

He noted that the Secretary-General had pushed for consensus, aft launching a reddish alert for humanity, and Mr. Thomson added that 2022 was proving to beryllium a “super year”, calling for young radical to beryllium astatine the array for each the discussions connected the ocean’s future, moving forward.

Speaking to UN News, Miguel de Serpa Soares added that the UN Ocean Conference was not the sole absorption for water enactment this year.

“In the adjacent respective months, we volition person respective important events that clasp galore opportunities to show our commitments and ambition to crook the tide successful favour of water sustainability”.

Participants astatine  the 2022 UN Ocean Conference successful  Lisbon, Portugal.

© Rodrigo Cabrita

Participants astatine the 2022 UN Ocean Conference successful Lisbon, Portugal.

Following the lawsuit successful Lisbon, the path to prevention our water volition continue done the Intergovernmental Conference connected a pact connected marine biodiversity of areas beyond nationalist jurisdiction, the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework negotiations, and the negotiations for accrued clime concern and adaptation actions astatine COP27 successful Egypt.

Empower youth, women, and indigenous people

Recognizing the important relation of indigenous, traditional, and section knowledge, innovation and practices held by indigenous peoples, arsenic good arsenic the relation of societal subject successful planning, decision-making and implementation, leaders are calling to meaningful information of section communities.

Young volunteers supporting the Ocean Conference successful  Lisbon.

UN News/Eleuterio Guevane

Young volunteers supporting the Ocean Conference successful Lisbon.

“Empower women and girls, arsenic their full, adjacent and meaningful information is cardinal successful progressing towards a sustainable ocean-based system and to achieving Goal 14”, the declaration highlights, stressing the value of giving the powerfulness to younker to alteration them to recognize the “need to lend to the wellness of the ocean, including successful decision-making, done promoting and supporting prime acquisition and life-long learning for water literacy”.

Calling connected stakeholders to urgently instrumentality ambitions and concerted enactment to accelerate implementation to execute Goal 14, the Conference concluded saying that “restoring harmony with quality done a steadfast water is captious for the planet”.

Hope, and urgency

Encouraged by a renewed consciousness of anticipation and urgency astir our aboriginal ocean, Mr. Serpa Soares concluded: “as we leave, we indispensable follow-up connected our commitments”.

“As the celebrated Tongan and Fijian writer Epeli Hau‘ofa said, we are the ocean. The water is successful each of us, it is what sustains us, and it is the ground for our aboriginal endurance connected this satellite Earth.”, helium said.

The powerfulness of subject

Building connected the technological absorption of the week, UNESCO launched its cardinal State of the Ocean Report connected Friday.

The study was developed to supply caller and revealing information connected the existent authorities of the ocean, structured astir the archetypal 10 challenges of the Decade.

UNESCO’s Chief of the Ocean Science Section, Henrik Enevoldsen, spoke to UN News and said that the study complemented the technological enactment of the conference, enhancing our capableness to negociate the ocean.

Talking astir the result of the league helium said it “highlighted the areas wherever we request much cognition to supply a due ground for determination makers [and to] amended negociate the ocean.

UN News has been connected the crushed successful Lisbon, Portugal, each week, bringing you multimedia sum of the Ocean Conference. You tin entree each our reports and interviews, here.

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