UK TV adverts could get longer and more frequent

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(Pocket-lint) - TV advertizing successful the UK could go much prolific nether caller guidelines. Ad breaks could besides beryllium longer.

The country's communications regulator is assessing whether to alteration existent rules that restrict the magnitude and frequence of tv commercials.

Currently, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 indispensable guarantee determination is nary much than an mean of 7 minutes' of adverts shown connected their main terrestrial channels per hour. That includes a maximum of 8 minutes per hr during highest times (8pm to 11pm and 7am to 9am).

Other advertizing funded channels are restricted to 9 minutes per hour.

Changes to the regulations are being considered to assistance "sustain accepted broadcasters", particularly successful the property of video streaming services.

"We are besides looking astatine the rules that acceptable the frequence and magnitude of advertizing connected broadcast TV," writes Ofcom successful its Public Service Broadcasting study (via the BBC).

"These rules are complex, with limits successful spot for nationalist work broadcasters that are stricter than the rules acceptable for commercialized broadcasters.

"We person had archetypal discussions with stakeholders, and we expect to beryllium capable to outline our adjacent steps aboriginal this summer."

Regulation changes are lone apt to interaction the main ITV channel. Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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