Top IAM tools 2022: Compare identity and access management solutions

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What are IAM tools?

Identity and entree absorption tools are information bundle that licence entree to networks, servers, services and different business-related resources employees request to execute their work. These IAM tools, which reside betwixt systems and people resources, are the backbone of idiosyncratic authentication and entree and are utilized successful section and distant scenarios. Because distant enactment has gained popularity owed to the pandemic, broad and reliable IAM bundle has go particularly captious to guarantee palmy and unafraid concern operations.

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How does IAM bundle work?

IAM bundle works by utilizing a acceptable of tools to facilitate, power and show authentication mechanisms. This involves relationship and password utilization and role-based entree utilizing azygous sign-on, multi-factor authentication oregon integration with large-scale directories for easiness of implementation and administration.

IAM solutions are implemented connected some the root and people systems truthful that entree is based connected a benignant of “handshake” linking the 2 via permitted access. A communal method to deploy IAM tools is to acceptable up company-based entree to the due apps successful the iOS App Store oregon Google Play Store, past instruct users connected however to download and configure these apps.

Monitoring, logging and alerting features alteration institution unit to support way of idiosyncratic access, place entree past and trends, and instrumentality enactment erstwhile captious events hap to support unafraid operations.

Top IAM tools and software

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager

Platform: Windows

The SolarWinds Access Rights Manager relies connected Microsoft Active Directory. While this IAM instrumentality runs connected Windows and integrates intimately with SharePoint, Exchange and OneDrive, it tin besides safeguard entree to different server and lawsuit operating systems joined to the domain and accessed done means specified arsenic unafraid LDAP. That’s communal crossed each the IAM solutions featured present – “platform” doesn’t conscionable notation to what benignant of operating systems tin beryllium protected but alternatively to wherever the bundle resides.

ARM doesn’t conscionable power access. It tin besides place susceptible accounts and observe changes and anomalous activity. It’s casual to spot who has entree to what astatine a glimpse done automatic mapping and visualization tools.

ARM is beardown with reporting capabilities and compliance requirements, adhering to standards specified arsenic GDPR, HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Price: The merchandise is licensed based connected progressive idiosyncratic accounts successful the Active Directory, and subscription and perpetual licensing options are available. Solarwinds states ARM starts astatine $1,838 but recommends requesting a quote.


Platform: Cloud servers

Auth0 is simply a unreality authentication supplier that handles web exertion authentication.

The Basic mentation provides entree for up to 7,000 users, permits 1,000 machine-to-machine authentications, 2 societal media connections and an Auth0 database transportation for authentication.

The Essential mentation includes the escaped features, providing entree to 10,000 users and unlimited societal media connections.

The Professional mentation includes the Essential features and expands machine-to-machine authentications to 500 connections and adds outer database and cross-app azygous sign-on features.

The Enterprise mentation includes the Professional features and allows unlimited idiosyncratic access, endeavor connections, unlimited organizations, location realm find and long-lived sessions. Curiously, this mentation lone permits 1,000 machine-to-machine authentications, apt due to the fact that this is much of a user-access-based product.

Price: The Basic mentation is free, the Essentials mentation costs $23/month per user, and the Professional mentation costs $240/month per user. Auth0 recommends requesting a punctuation for pricing for the Enterprise mentation cost.


Platform: AWS unreality servers

Okta’s spot lies successful its quality to beryllium a azygous pane of medication to link immoderate idiosyncratic with immoderate exertion connected immoderate device. Any fig of people resources tin beryllium configured for access. Okta is credited with being capable to integrate with implicit 4,000 applications.

Okta includes azygous sign-on, multi-factor authentication, individuality lifecycle management, API entree absorption and precocious server entree management. You tin utilize an entree gateway for hybrid unreality environments, trust connected B2B integration and utilize workflows for automation and orchestration methodologies.

Okta is tied intimately into Microsoft products, making it a bully prime for Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Sharepoint, Intune and Windows-based access.

Price: Pricing varies based connected the work involved.


Platform: Cisco unreality servers

Duo adheres to the “zero trust” concept, focused connected establishing idiosyncratic and instrumentality trust, past invoking adaptive policies to supply entree connected a “least privileges needed” principle.

The escaped mentation is mostly mobile-based, providing multi-factor authentication for iOS and Android for up to 10 users via Duo Push application, utilizing information keys, U2F, OTP, telephone callback, SMS and hardware tokens. Unlimited exertion integrations are allowed.

The MFA mentation is the adjacent measurement up, offering the aforesaid options arsenic the escaped mentation and adding connected passwordless authentication to SSO applications, 100 telephony credits per idiosyncratic per year, idiosyncratic aforesaid enrollment/management and a Duo Central dashboard of each devices.

The Access mentation includes each the options successful the MFA mentation on with instrumentality monitoring, information wellness checks, risky entree analysis, location-based idiosyncratic policies, the quality to artifact Tor and anonymous networks and instrumentality spot policies based connected information wellness checks.

The Beyond mentation provides each the features of the Access mentation and adds the quality to separate betwixt firm and backstage devices, place 3rd enactment agents, bounds instrumentality entree to applications based connected their enrollment successful endpoint absorption systems and supply unafraid entree via their Duo Network Gateway to interior institution web applications, SSH servers and large applications.

Price: $3/month per idiosyncratic for MFA, $6/month per idiosyncratic for Access and $9/month per idiosyncratic for Beyond.


Platform: Cloud servers

Like Duo, JumpCloud besides follows the “zero trust” model. Its absorption is connected identity, instrumentality and determination policies for granular entree with oregon without Active Directory integration. It integrates good with Google and Microsoft productivity suites and utilizes a multi-protocol, vendor autarkic approach.

JumpCloud seeks to destruct shadiness IT, recognizing the hazard specified workarounds entail and ensuring users person entree to the tools they need.

Price: Pricing varies based connected the work involved.


Platform: Cloud servers

OneLogin is wide touted for its absorption connected workflows to support authentication setup and functionality arsenic elemental arsenic imaginable based connected a instauration of azygous sign-on, though it lacks robust auditing and monitoring features.

OneLogin features 2 versions: Advanced and Professional. The Advanced mentation includes azygous sign-on, precocious directory and multi-factor authentication. The Professional mentation includes the Advanced features and adds individuality lifecycle absorption and HR driven individuality features. OneLogin has a narrower absorption than immoderate of its competitors but does its occupation well.

Price: Pricing varies based connected service.


Platform: Cloud and on-premises servers

ForgeRock is 1 of the much broad and feature-driven products successful this roundup with a dense absorption connected endeavor integration and management. Their AI driven level is intended to beryllium a broad solution for each types of identities, entree needs and usage cases crossed industries.

I’ve worked with ForgeRock to integrate authentication with Java applications and recovered it worked seamlessly successful my environment. The implementation effort was steep, but erstwhile I configured it to my relation arsenic a strategy administrator, the app took implicit and ne'er needed thing further from me. ForgeRock is 1 of the astir developer-oriented products showcased here, featuring galore APIs and SDKs for easiness of use.

Price: ForgeRock recommends requesting a punctuation for pricing.

CyberArk Identity

Platform: Windows

CyberArk’s superior absorption is connected azygous sign-on, adaptive multi-factor authentication and idiosyncratic provisioning crossed a assortment of services specified arsenic their privileged entree manager, vendor privileged entree manager, unreality entitlements manager, endpoint privilege manager, workforce individuality and lawsuit identity. All of these products execute the functions for which they are named, and you tin prime and take which solutions are the close ones for your business.

Price: CyberArk recommends requesting a punctuation for pricing.

IBM Security Verify

Platform: All large operating systems

IBM’s Security Verify offering is AI-based with a SaaS attack which provides in-depth idiosyncratic authentication, entree argumentation management, granular authorization control, azygous sign-on, passwordless access, league management, information token services and entree lawsuit logging and reporting. It supports implicit 5,000 applications and much than 600 federated lawsuit companies and their related workforces.

Price: IBM recommends requesting a pricing estimate.

Ping Identity

Platform: Cloud servers

Ping Identity connects immoderate idiosyncratic to immoderate app connected immoderate device. No-code automated workflows assistance orchestrate the authentication setup process, and they unify distant entree based connected individuality intelligence, passwordless sign-on and centralized authentication. Ping is simply a bully enactment for fiscal institutions owed to the ample fig of accounts supported.

There are 3 versions: Essential, Plus and Premium. Essential offers the basics of a no-code individuality orchestration engine, azygous sign-on and authentication policies, customizable registration and sign-on experiences, a unified lawsuit profile, self-service penchant management, unafraid idiosyncratic management, the quality to link to immoderate app with unfastened standards, a unified medication portal and RESTful APIs.

Plus offers the features of Essential and adds adaptive multi-factor authentication which tin beryllium embedded successful mobile apps, lawsuit instrumentality management, passwordless authentication, LDAP entree and transaction approvals.

Premium contains everything recovered successful Plus and adds scalability, enactment for utmost request postulation spikes, connections to aggregate information stores, compliances with strict information policies and precocious authentication capabilities.

Price: Ping Identity cites a starting terms of $20,000/year for the Essential mentation and $40,000/year for Plus. Pricing for Premium is not listed, but you tin petition a customized quote.

How to prime the IAM bundle that’s close for you

Company and idiosyncratic needs arsenic good arsenic regulatory requirements volition ever beryllium the cardinal instauration of the determination making process to prime the close IAM product. However, your superior absorption should beryllium connected the merchandise which tin champion fulfill the requirements of relationship verification, relation and privilege duty from a least-privilege-needed position and monitoring of entree successful bid to trim risk.

Make definite your chosen merchandise tin enactment immoderate governance requirements your concern is subjected to. You should besides guarantee that the close IAM tools alteration the application, web and assets authentication your concern needs utilizing policy-based controls which tin interface with each systems the concern relies upon, handling each of the accounts needed for access. Active Directory oregon LDAP are 2 communal authentication mechanisms truthful guarantee that the entree methodology is supported by immoderate IAM toolset you determine upon.

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