Tiger's sharp rebuke for disgraced Mickelson

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Tiger Woods is each astir majors and legacy, a constituent helium drove location successful a crisp rebuke of Phil Mickelson and his enactment of a Saudi-funded play task that led to Lefty not defending his rubric astatine the PGA Championship.

Even arsenic Woods resumes a singular instrumentality from a car clang 15 months agone that astir led to his close limb being amputated, the PGA Championship cannot flight the lack of Mickelson and speculation astir who mightiness motion up for Greg Norman's caller Saudi-backed play series.

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Woods said helium has not tried to scope retired to Mickelson since his self-imposed hiatus from play 3 months ago, chiefly due to the fact that of their quality of sentiment connected however play should beryllium run.

Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods person antithetic views. (Getty Images for The Match)

“I recognize antithetic viewpoints, but I judge successful legacies. I judge successful large championships. I judge successful large events, comparisons to humanities figures of the past,” Woods said.

“There's plentifulness of wealth retired here,” helium said. “The circuit is growing. But it’s conscionable similar immoderate different athletics — it's similar tennis — you person to spell retired determination and gain it. You’ve got to spell retired determination and play for it. We person accidental to spell up and bash it. It’s conscionable not guaranteed up front.”

That was a notation to immoderate of the Public Investment Fund wealth retired of Saudi Arabia being offered to players to articulation Norman and his LIV Golf Investments. According to assorted reports retired of Britain, immoderate apical players were being offered much than the $120 cardinal Woods has made successful vocation PGA Tour earnings.

Mickelson showed his manus successful 2 interviews published successful February. He accused the PGA Tour of “obnoxious greed” portion playing successful Saudi Arabia, and much incendiary comments followed erstwhile Alan Shipnuck published an excerpt of his unauthorised biography connected Mickelson.

Mickelson said the Saudis were “scary mother-(expletives) to get progressive with,” and past dismissed its quality rights atrocities — specified arsenic the sidesplitting of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi — by saying it was worthy it to summation leverage to marque changes connected the PGA Tour.

He besides said helium didn't attraction if the Saudi league failed, arsenic agelong arsenic the circuit made changes helium wanted.

Greg Norman heads up the LIV Golf Tour. (Getty)

Mickelson decided past Friday helium would not play astatine Southern Hills, missing retired connected a accidental to beryllium celebrated for his historical triumph past twelvemonth astatine Kiawah Island erstwhile astatine property 50 helium became golf's oldest large champion.

He is the archetypal PGA champion not to support since Woods was recovering from genu country successful 2008 and skipped Oakland Hills.

"It's ever disappointing erstwhile the defending champion is not here," Woods said. “Phil has said immoderate things that I deliberation a batch of america who are committed to the circuit and committed to the bequest of the circuit person pushed backmost against, and he’s taken immoderate idiosyncratic time, and we each recognize that. But I deliberation that immoderate of his views connected however the circuit could beryllium run, should beryllium run, been a batch of disagreement there.”

“He's conscionable taking his clip and we each privation him the champion erstwhile helium comes back.”

Woods, meanwhile, is backmost and much optimistic than helium was a period agone astatine the Masters. He said those who are adjacent to him were thrilled to spot him locomotion each 72 holes astatine Augusta National, his archetypal clip walking portion competing since the February 23, 2021, mishap successful Los Angeles that shattered bones successful his close limb and ankle.

All helium could deliberation astir the time aft was a atrocious putting week that led to a 78-78 weekend.

Tiger fixed affectional lasting ovation

“I did not spot it that mode Monday,” helium said. “I was a small ticked I didn’t putt well, and felt similar I was hitting it bully capable and I privation I had the stamina.”

He said the Monday aft the Masters was a pugnacious time of recovery, and past helium went close backmost to enactment trying to summation spot and endurance.

“It's amended than the past clip I played a tournament, which is good,” Woods said.

He is the defending PGA champion astatine Southern Hills, having won by 2 shots successful 2007 for his 13th of what is present 15 majors. And helium hardly recognized the people aft a restoration task that brought backmost a fewer meandering creeks and returned the edges of the putting surfaces truthful they funnel shots distant from the green.

The bigger situation is the players helium is trying to beat, which marque up the strongest tract of the majors. Woods is 46, and Mickelson showed a twelvemonth agone that property is lone a number. However, Mickelson had been playing a afloat docket each along. Woods, with his injuries, would look to beryllium constricted to the 4 majors this twelvemonth astatine most.

One assistance is the quality of the walk. Augusta National is among the toughest successful golf. Southern Hills features a crisp driblet from the archetypal and 10th tees and pugnacious ascent astatine the extremity of each nine. Otherwise, it's a comparatively gentle stroll.

“Figured the archetypal upland you climbed was Everest. That's the steepest play people you’re going to play and that was the archetypal 1 you climbed, and climbed it,” Woods said. “It’s going to get flatter and better.”

He inactive struggles connected definite days. He said it's ne'er arsenic casual arsenic it mightiness look.

“But I consciousness similar I’m doing better,” helium said. “I’m having much days which are better, much positive.”

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