The current bear market is temporary, says KuCoin’s CEO

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The carnivore marketplace is affecting the operations of galore companies but KuCoin’s CEO believes it is lone temporary.

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu, revealed successful a recent interview that helium believes the carnivore marketplace is temporary. 

The carnivore marketplace has been successful play for the past fewer months, with astir cryptocurrencies down by much than 60% from their all-time highs. When asked astir his thoughts regarding the carnivore market, Lyu said;

“The impending planetary economical situation is decidedly impacting the wide concern connected the crypto marketplace and is fueling a correction period, which is rather earthy for immoderate fiscal marketplace wherever periods of stableness are combined with periods of terms drops and hikes. In the much than 10 years since the quality of Bitcoin, the marketplace has experienced respective rounds of ups and downs. But aft each bottom, the crypto marketplace was greeted by a bull market. Therefore, the marketplace downturn is temporary, and the aboriginal indispensable clasp an upward market.”

Lyu added that lone projects with fantabulous usage cases volition past the existent carnivore market. He said;

“No substance whether it is successful the epoch of Web-1.0, Web-2.0 oregon Web-3.0, the laws of the marketplace person ever been “the Great volition win” and “the endurance of the fittest”, and the crypto manufacture is nary exception. There is besides a beardown anticipation that the immense bulk of cryptos volition vanish successful the future. As per the market’s endurance code, lone projects with a beardown statement foundation, a competitory team, and applications that are conscionable needed, volition basal a precocious accidental of surviving.”

The CEO revealed that the speech is making plans to grow its beingness successful India.

He said , KuCoin recruited Indian specialists and established communities successful the state successful a bid to supply amended services for section users. Regarding their efforts successful India, Lyu said;

“We are actively cooperating with section crypto companies, similar Bitbns, and the fashionable video app – Chingari. As the COVID-19 pandemic deed India, KuCoin initiated a Special Charity Fund successful April 2021 with a Rs 10 cardinal donation to a section NGO to code the challenges encountered by Indian citizens.”

KuCoin is 1 of the starring cryptocurrency exchanges successful the world, with a regular trading measurement of implicit $1 billion.

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