The car nerd beating Australia's best racers

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Josh Buchan – it's a sanction not galore successful motorsport knew 2 years ago. Now he's earned the respect of his peers arsenic 1 of Australia's champion blistery hatch racers.

The Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series front-runner has humble beginnings successful the athletics that he's present made a vocation retired of. 

Born and raised successful Lithgow, Buchan was a precocious starter successful motorsport terms. It wasn't until helium a week earlier his 16th day that helium contested his archetypal go-kart meeting.

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The Hyundai i30 N of Josh Buchan. (Supplied)

It was, for each intents and purposes, conscionable a spot of fun.

The teen didn't person the fund to prosecute a vocation successful racing.

After all, he'd started acold excessively precocious to adjacent see it.

"I conscionable wanted to thrust fast," Buchan told Wide World of Sports.

"It took maine a portion to get successful due to the fact that I was beauteous abbreviated for cash, truthful I was conscionable blessed to contention karts, to beryllium honest."

Karting would beryllium Buchan's superior domain for a fewer years until a Formula Ford squad that designed, built and raced their ain cars went looking for a driver.

Josh Buchan greets the chequered flag, winning astatine Sydney Motorsport Park. (Supplied)

Buchan was brought connected successful the cognition that helium had nary money, but brought speed. That, Buchan said, was much than helium ever thought helium would do. 

Then, a accidental to ascent different rung connected the ladder presented itself.

"I was astatine a wedding 1 time and met a feline and a mates of weeks aboriginal I was driving his Formula 3 car," Buchan explained.

"He had sponsorship from the section McDonald's guys. He had astir 8 franchises and helium would springiness the squad $100,000 a twelvemonth oregon thing to run. 

"It was astir similar sponsor a child, a dude who couldn't truly wage for it himself – and that was maine helium decided for that twelvemonth for immoderate reason."

Josh Buchan celebrates connected the Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series podium. (Supplied)

Then the apocalypse hit, racing stopped and Buchan's plans to instrumentality different measurement up into S5000 were canned.

All the portion the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc connected satellite motorsport, the New South Welshman continued moving arsenic a operator trainer for Hyundai.

"The full clip that was happening, I worked and made a surviving operator coaching for brands and manufacturers," Buchan explained.

"One of the brands I did rather a spot for was Hyundai. One time they got successful interaction and said, 'You should ringing Barry Morcom. He's got a escaped TCR spot for the adjacent year'.

"I thought 'Oh, it's not free. I'm definite there's a car available, but it's not free'. I fundamentally rang Barry and a mates of months aboriginal we were driving cars successful TCR."

Josh Buchan races for HMO Customer Racing. (Supplied)

Simply, Buchan's vocation has been each astir being successful the close spot astatine the close time. 

Now 26 years old, helium finds himself regularly competing for wins successful the Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series and beating immoderate of Australia's biggest names, including Chaz Mostert.

Buchan shook the country erstwhile helium finished 3rd connected his TCR debut and went connected to assertion 2 wins successful his maiden season.

After 4 rounds this year, helium already has a triumph and 3 much podiums to enactment himself 3rd successful the standings.

It's been a humbling acquisition and the realisation of a dream.

"You conscionable deliberation yourself fortunate that you're astir guys who are successful their premier and you're making waves, not lone successful Australia but astir the world," Buchan said.

"It is chill racing those large guys. You bash announcement a spot of a alteration successful people's cognition of you like, 'Oh, you're not conscionable a joker anymore. You really spell fractional each right'. Yeah, that's nice. It's besides helped successful the enactment well. More radical privation your help."

Josh Buchan leads the tract into crook 1 astatine Sydney Motorsport Park. (Supplied)

Two years ago, Buchan rocked up connected the grid arsenic a nobody. Now he's a respected look successful the field.

Reflecting connected his journey, Buchan took a philosophical approach.

"I ever believed successful my accomplishment acceptable truthful I was never, ever acrophobic that if I did get a interruption if you similar that I bash OK oregon not," helium said.

"I was ever beauteous assured that if ever I got the tools to bash a occupation connected a stage, I'm definite I'd bash the job. 

"Considering I was conscionable a car nerd arsenic a kid who could archer what car was what based disconnected the headlights astatine night, yeah, precise fortunate to beryllium wherever I am. That's for sure.

"Honestly, if it each ended tomorrow, I'd beryllium amazed astatine what I've done."

Buchan volition beryllium portion of the headlining Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series grid astatine Queensland Raceway crossed August 5-7 for what volition beryllium the 5th circular of its calendar.

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