Every 24 seconds idiosyncratic is killed successful traffic, making information connected the world’s roads a planetary improvement situation for each societies, particularly for the astir vulnerable, a elder UN authoritative has said, up of the archetypal ever High-level General Assembly Meeting connected Improving Road Safety.  

Nneka Henry, who heads the United Nations Road Safety Fund (UNRSF) Secretariat, noted that 500 children dice successful crashes each day, and that of the older population, women are 17 times much apt to beryllium killed during a car clang than men, adjacent erstwhile wearing seatbelts. 

Challenge for all 

Despite these statistics, roadworthy information is not conscionable a situation for women oregon for young people. It is “for each and each 1 of america who walk, ride, rhythm oregon thrust connected our roads,” Ms. Henry told Deidra Sealy, a young diplomat successful the President of the General Assembly’s HOPE Fellowship programme. 

The interrogation took spot up of the High-level Meeting of the General Assembly connected Improving Road Safety, which gets underway astatine UN Headquarters successful New York connected Thursday and Friday, organized by the President of the General Assembly, Abdulla Shahid, and the World Health Organization (WHO).  

Coinciding with the meeting, is the UN Road Safety Fund pledging conference. The Fund was established successful 2018 with a imaginativeness to “to physique a satellite wherever roads are harmless for each roadworthy user, everywhere.” It specially finances projects successful low- and middle- income countries, wherever immoderate 93 per cent of roadworthy deaths and injuries instrumentality place. 

“I americium present successful New York to punctual each 193 Member States of their committedness to the Fund’s mandate and success,” Ms. Henry said.  

Those successes see the announcement that arsenic of 1 July, each vehicles imported successful East Africa request to beryllium beneath the Euro 4/IV emanation modular and nary much than 8 years old. 

The Fund has been moving with the Economic Community of West African States’ 15 members, to harmonize conveyance modular resolutions.  

Nneka Henry, Head of the UN Road Safety Fund speaks to Diedra Sealey, a HOPE Fellow successful  the Office of the President of the General Assembly.

© Paulina Kubiak Greer

Nneka Henry, Head of the UN Road Safety Fund speaks to Diedra Sealey, a HOPE Fellow successful the Office of the President of the General Assembly.

Major benefits 

“This volition person large aerial prime and roadworthy information benefits,” Ms. Henry said astir the latest announcement.  

Some of the different achievements by the Fund see authorities successful Azerbaijan to assistance exigency post-crash response, assistance to summation enforcement of the velocity limits and different roadworthy postulation rules successful Brazil and Jordan, arsenic good arsenic improving information postulation successful Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal, and grooming municipality planners connected making safer schoolhouse zones successful Paraguay.  

Vision for the future 

As portion of the High-level gathering this week, UN Member States volition follow a governmental declaration, to laic retired a “vision for the aboriginal of mobility arsenic 1 that promotes wellness and well-being, protects the environment, and benefits each people,” according to a property release. 

The interconnected targets are portion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that amusement however roadworthy information is besides integrated into the SDGs, from allowing safer entree to education, to allowing radical entree to groceries and reducing c emissions into the atmosphere. 

Halving postulation deaths and injuries by 2030 is simply a people nether the 3rd SDG, connected bully wellness and well-being. 

Children thrust   a motorcycle  successful  Fada, Burkina Faso.

© UNICEF/Frank Dejongh

Children thrust a motorcycle successful Fada, Burkina Faso.