Roger Stone Seems To Be Getting Ready For Jail By Claiming Alex Jones Lawyer Set Him Up

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Roger Stone seems to beryllium preparing a transgression defence oregon astatine slightest an excuse by claiming that the lawyer for Alex Jones acceptable him up.

Stone posted:

Roger Stone says Alex Jones’s lawyer acceptable him up and released his substance messages connected purpose.

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) August 5, 2022

If thing was incriminating connected Alex Jones’s phone, Roger Stone would not person to assertion that helium was acceptable up and due to the fact that helium is Roger Stone, helium thinks that Alex Jones should writer his lawyer.

Do you cognize what the feds volition person that Roger Stone doesn’t?


Thanks to Roger Stone, instrumentality enforcement volition perchance person tons of grounds to usage against him.

Roger Stone did this to himself.

Stone is the 1 who sent perchance incriminating communications to Alex Jones. 

It looks similar the location of cards surrounding Donald Trump is starting to crumble, and Roger Stone is pulling a leafage retired of the classical Nixon playbook by claiming that immoderate grounds against him was a setup.

Roger Stone could extremity up backmost down bars precise soon.

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