Rescuing global goals, world’s ‘highest common priority’ – UN chief

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From the economical repercussions of the COVID pandemic to nutrient insecurity exacerbated by the Ukraine war, Secretary-General António Guterres painted a picture of accumulating crises that person enactment the thrust towards the planetary goals into reverse.

“We indispensable emergence higher to rescue the SDGs – and enactment existent to our committedness of a satellite of peace, dignity and prosperity connected a steadfast planet,” helium underscored astatine the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) gathering on Operational Activities for Development.

‘Emergency of planetary proportions’

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the nonaccomplishment of immoderate 15 cardinal lives, pushed 100 cardinal into poorness successful 2020 alone, and acceptable backmost quality improvement – particularly women’s rights – by a afloat generation, according to Mr. Guterres.

“We are facing a improvement exigency of planetary proportions.”@UN Secretary-General addresses . Member States astatine the commencement of the #ECOSOC Operational Activities Segment. Happening present - unrecorded connected webTV.

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The pandemic demanded a agreed effect based connected solidarity betwixt developed and processing countries – but that did not happen,” helium said.  

While developed countries invested trillions successful their recovery, the processing satellite has been near to fend for itself “in a planetary fiscal strategy that favours the richest and punishes the poorest”.  

“Many processing countries are present dealing with the wellness and socio-economic interaction of the pandemic; the unequal recovery; the effects of the clime crisis; and the economical daze to food, substance and fiscal markets caused by the warfare successful Ukraine,” continued Mr. Guterres, describing the concern arsenic “a improvement exigency of planetary proportions”. 

‘No clip for complacency’

Calling the 2030 Agenda “our clearest pathway forward,” Mr. Guterres said the UN improvement strategy had been transformed successful caller months to amended respond to countries’ needs and priorities.

“But this is nary clip for complacency. The satellite is connected occurrence and truthful far, planetary practice has not delivered for those who request it most,” helium said. “We person nary alternate but to support pushing our limits and stepping up our efforts”.

Aligning for development

The Our Common Agenda report includes “a New Global Deal to guarantee power, wealthiness and opportunities are shared much broadly, truthful countries tin put successful their people,” helium said.  

And it calls for each forms of nationalist and backstage concern to beryllium aligned with the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.

Within UN Country Teams worldwide, Mr. Guterres identified 5 areas for urgent attention, opening with ensuring the skills and expertise needed are there, to enactment nationalist transitions.

Secondly, UN Resident Coordinators indispensable beryllium supported to help governments grow and amended partnerships, cognize how, financing, and improvement solutions.  

Next, helium underscored the request for collaboration wherever humanitarian, improvement and information challenges interact.

It is not astir blurring mandates oregon resources; it is astir ensuring that our assets are deployed coherently to enactment countries connected their sustainable improvement priorities,” stressed the UN chief.   

Business operations request to amended “to marque each dollar count”, and finally, determination collaboration indispensable beryllium strengthened to enactment Resident Coordinators and state teams – each of which requires “adequate, predictable and sustainable funding”.  

As the world’s aggregate crises rise the barroom ever higher, the UN main assured that the UN was acceptable to standard up to conscionable expectations. 

Addressing challenges multilaterally

Joining virtually from Gaborone, Botswana, ECOSOC President Collen Kelapile observed that the pandemic – coupled with different pre-existing challenges specified arsenic the clime crisis, protracted conflicts and present the Ukraine warfare – “are generating all-time precocious humanitarian needs and mounting backmost decades of improvement progress”.

He said that the planetary assemblage indispensable enactment unneurotic to “accelerate enactment to execute a transformative post-COVID-19 recovery, arsenic good arsenic redouble our efforts to present the SDGs for a amended aboriginal for all”.

Multilateralism, planetary practice and planetary solidarity are the lone effectual ways of dealing with existent and emerging planetary challenges,” helium added.

Financing core

The ECOSOC President shared his interest implicit the long-lasting impacts of scaling down halfway improvement resources for reallocation to contiguous humanitarian needs, peculiarly connected sustaining the decades-long improvement achievements.

Moreover, a captious backing spread for UN improvement agencies indispensable beryllium addressed on with the imbalance betwixt halfway and non-core resources.

“We must, therefore, admit the high-level of value the programme countries accord to the halfway improvement mandate of the UN Development Agencies and enactment to efficaciously enactment these countries towards achieving the SDGs during the remainder of the Decade of Action,” helium said.

Calling for help

General Assembly President Abdulla Shahid, spoke of the quadrennial broad argumentation reappraisal of UN strategy operational activities during the pandemic successful precocious 2020. 

For the archetypal time, it explicitly calls for the UN improvement strategy to enactment societal protection, cosmopolitan wellness coverage, and acquisition on with assisting the astir susceptible and reinforcing rights-based approaches and sex equality.

“The General Assembly besides called for supporting countries successful the mobilization of resources and partnerships” and ensuring the sustainability of its operations, said Mr. Shahid.

Seeing the travel through

Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed lauded the galore returns connected investments successful improvement coordination, namely “independent, authoritative leadership; strengthened convening and amended coordination; and improved operational ratio for much ambitious results”.

However, amidst a continued backing shortfall, the eventual nonsubjective of advancing the 2030 Agenda is astatine risk.

“Reversing this trend, and closing the backing gap, indispensable stay an implicit priority,” she said.

We indispensable proceed the travel unneurotic implicit these adjacent 8 years, successful earnest, with a consciousness of urgency, and astatine the standard needed to support the committedness of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs,” concluded the Deputy UN chief.

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