LIVE: Munster reaffirms commitment to Storm

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NRL fable Andrew Johns was afloat of praise for 1 outgoing Panther connected Friday night, labelling Viliame Kikau arsenic a 'genetic freak' aft different superb performance.

"He's conscionable a wrecking ball, with and without the ball," Johns said aft Penrith's triumph implicit the Roosters.

"He's conscionable a limb - and I emotion the mode they usage him, they're not utilizing him arsenic a decoy, they're giving him the shot aboriginal and letting him shot play."

Johns said Kikau's size ever attracted other defenders, but that his wide crippled was brilliantly well-rounded, to the constituent of being unfair.

"For however large helium is helium plays large minutes, unbelievable skills, large footwork - it's a familial freak, really," helium said.

"Look however large helium is and however agile helium is, and quick, and astute - it's conscionable not fair."

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