Jury Orders Alex Jones to Pay $45.2 Million in Sandy Hook Case

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Aug. 5, 2022, 8:14 p.m. ET

Aug. 5, 2022, 8:14 p.m. ET

Testimony connected  Friday indicated that Alex Jones and a institution  helium  controls were worthy  $135 cardinal  to $270 million.
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AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas assemblage ordered the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones connected Friday to wage the parents of a kid killed successful the 2012 Sandy Hook schoolhouse shooting $45.2 cardinal successful punitive damages for spreading the prevarication that they helped signifier the massacre.

The assemblage announced its determination a time aft awarding the parents more than $4 cardinal successful compensatory damages and aft grounds connected Friday that Mr. Jones and Free Speech Systems, the genitor institution of his misinformation-peddling media outlet, Infowars, were worthy $135 cardinal to $270 million.

Mr. Jones was recovered liable past twelvemonth for defaming the victims’ families portion spreading bogus theories that the shooting had been portion of a authorities crippled to confiscate Americans’ firearms and that the victims’ families had been complicit successful the scheme.

Compensatory damages are based connected proven harm, nonaccomplishment oregon injury, and are often calculated based connected the just marketplace worth of damaged property, mislaid wages and expenses, according to Cornell Law School. Punitive damages are intended to punish particularly harmful behaviour and thin to beryllium granted astatine the court’s discretion, and are sometimes many multiples of a compensatory award.

The lawsuit decided this week was brought by Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, whose 6-year-old son, Jesse Lewis, died successful the onslaught successful Newtown, Conn. It was the archetypal to originate from respective lawsuits filed by victims’ parents successful 2018.

“This is an important time for truth, for justice, and I couldn’t beryllium happier,” Ms. Lewis said successful the courtroom aft the verdict.

Before the jurors began deliberating astir the punitive damages, Wesley Todd Ball, a lawyer for the family, told the assemblage that it had “the quality to nonstop a connection for everyone successful this state and possibly this satellite to hear.”

“We inquire that you nonstop a very, precise elemental message, and that is: Stop Alex Jones,” helium said. “Stop the monetization of misinformation and lies. Please.”

Mr. Ball had asked the assemblage for punitive damages of astir $146 million, successful summation to the $4 cardinal successful compensatory damages awarded connected Thursday.


Credit...Pool photograph by Briana Sanchez

How overmuch Mr. Jones volition really person to wage successful punitive damages is definite to beryllium the taxable of further litigation. Texas instrumentality caps punitive damages astatine 2 times the compensatory damages positive $750,000.

But Mark Bankston, a lawyer for Mr. Heslin and Ms. Lewis, told reporters connected Thursday that the contented is apt to extremity up earlier the Texas Supreme Court, and ineligible experts said determination were disagreements astir the constitutionality of the cap.

Understand the Cases Against Alex Jones

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A agreed front. Alex Jones, a far-right conspiracy theorist, is the absorption of a long-running ineligible battle waged by families of victims of a wide shooting astatine Sandy Hook Elementary School successful Newtown, Conn., successful 2012. Here is what to know:

Mr. Jones’s lawyer, F. Andino Reynal, said the punitive grant would yet beryllium reduced to $1.5 million.

Mr. Jones believes “the First Amendment is nether siege, and helium looks guardant to continuing the fight,” Mr. Reynal said aft the verdict.

After the assemblage award, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble besides cleared the mode for different measurement that could beryllium problematic for Mr. Jones.

The lawyers for the household had disclosed during the proceedings that Mr. Jones’s squad had sent them, seemingly inadvertently, a immense cache of data from Mr. Jones’s cellphone, and connected Friday Judge Gamble said she would not basal successful the mode of the lawyers for Mr. Heslin and Ms. Lewis providing the messages to instrumentality enforcement and the House Jan. 6 committee.

The committee has subpoenaed Mr. Jones successful its probe implicit his relation successful helping program the pro-Trump rally successful Washington connected Jan. 6, 2021, that preceded the onslaught connected the Capitol.

In the Sandy Hook defamation cases, a proceedings for damages successful different of the suits is scheduled to statesman adjacent period successful Connecticut, but it could beryllium delayed due to the fact that of a bankruptcy filing past week by Free Speech Systems. Lawyers for the families criticized the determination arsenic another attempt by Mr. Jones to shield his wealthiness and evade judgment.

The Texas lawsuit allowed the plaintiffs to present grounds astir Mr. Jones’s wealthiness and the operations of his companies, which successful summation to carrying his broadcasts marque wealth by selling merchandise.

Bernard Pettingill Jr., a forensic economist and erstwhile economics prof astatine the Florida Institute of Technology, testified arsenic a witnesser for Mr. Heslin and Ms. Lewis connected Friday that Mr. Jones “is a precise palmy man.”

Infowars averaged $53.2 cardinal successful yearly gross betwixt September 2015 and December 2018, Mr. Pettingill said. Since then, determination has been a “nice steadfast increase” successful the company’s revenue, including from sales of survivalist merchandise and supplements, and it brought successful astir $65 cardinal past year, helium said.

At 1 point, Mr. Jones was paying himself an mean of $6 cardinal a year, Mr. Pettingill said.

In its bankruptcy filing, Free Speech Systems reported $14.3 cardinal successful assets arsenic of May 31, with $1.9 cardinal successful nett income and astir $11 cardinal successful merchandise sales. Free Speech Systems besides had astir $79.2 cardinal successful debts, 68 percent of it successful the signifier of a enactment to PQPR Holdings, an entity that names Mr. Jones arsenic a manager.

Last year, aft Mr. Jones was ruled liable by default successful the Sandy Hook cases, helium began funneling $11,000 per time into PQPR, Mr. Pettingill said.

The “gigantic” indebtedness from PQPR, a ammunition institution without immoderate employees, is really Mr. Jones “using that enactment arsenic a clawback to wage himself back,” Mr. Pettingill said, though Mr. Jones’s lawyer insisted that PQPR is simply a existent company. Another enactment is acceptable to mature erstwhile Mr. Jones is 74 (he is present 48).

Mr. Pettingill said helium had managed to way 9 backstage Jones-associated companies, but had to cobble unneurotic accusation successful portion due to the fact that Mr. Jones’s squad resisted find orders.

“We can’t truly enactment a digit connected what helium does for a living, however helium really makes his money,” helium said.

“His enactment illustration is an inverted T, which means everything flows to Alex Jones. Alex Jones made each the large decisions, and I deliberation Alex Jones knows wherever the wealth is,” Mr. Pettingill said. “He tin accidental he’s broke, helium has nary money, but we cognize that’s not correct.”

Mr. Reynal, the lawyer for Mr. Jones, said successful his closing connection connected Friday that “we didn’t get immoderate grounds arsenic to what Alex Jones really has today, we didn’t get immoderate of what F.S.S. has today, what wealth they have, what assets they person to pay.”

Mr. Jones and associates specified arsenic the Genesis Communications Network, which helped syndicate his amusement for decades, person claimed to beryllium down to the fiscal wire, utilizing the defamation cases arsenic an accidental to beg fans for donations.

Mr. Jones has complained that his gross plunged aft helium was barred from large societal media platforms successful 2018. Mr. Bankston pushed backmost successful tribunal connected Wednesday: “Well, aft your deplatforming, your numbers support getting better,” helium said.

After the verdict connected Friday, Ms. Lewis stressed the value of her having gotten an accidental during the proceedings to face Mr. Jones directly successful the courtroom earlier successful the week.

“I got to look into his eyes and I got to archer him the interaction his actions had connected maine and my household and not conscionable america — each the different Sandy Hook families, each the radical that unrecorded successful Sandy Hook and past the ripple effect that that had passim the world,” she said. “That was a cathartic infinitesimal for me.”

It was besides important, she said, that Mr. Jones saw a video, presented successful court, of Jesse alive, moving done a field. “I deliberation he’s been punished,” she said of Mr. Jones. “I deliberation he’s been held accountable, and I’m hoping helium truly takes this to bosom due to the fact that successful the extremity emotion is simply a choice, and what he’s putting retired determination — lies, hatred — that’s a choice, too.”

Elizabeth Williamson reported from Austin, Tiffany Hsu from San Francisco and Michael Levenson from New York.

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