Instagram tests changing video posts into Reels

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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram mightiness beryllium looking into a caller mode to fundamentally merge its antithetic types of video posts, by automatically posting videos that users station to their feeds arsenic Reels, too.

The diagnostic is present being tested connected immoderate users, who volition spot an in-app connection letting them cognize astir the alteration if they're affected.

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) June 30, 2022

Your account's privateness settings are precise applicable successful this case, being the quality betwixt whether anyone tin spot your auto-posted Reels oregon whether lone those who travel you tin bash so.

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By default, it looks similar anyone who tin spot the Reel volition beryllium capable to remix it with their ain spin, but the connection says this tin beryllium changed successful your relationship settings, which volition besides beryllium welcome.

Given that Reels are each astir vertical video, portion mean video posts don't person to instrumentality to that restriction, it'll beryllium absorbing to spot however easy Instagram tin reconcile posts betwixt the formats, but this surely looks similar a large trial fixed its nationalist nature.

Time volition archer whether the diagnostic rolls retired much wide and becomes the norm, but for present it looks similar Instagram is adjacent further doubling down connected video content.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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