How to use Google's Switch to Android app to move data from iPhone

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(Pocket-lint) - If you've wanted to power from iPhone to Android, but you truly don't privation to suffer your messages, contacts and data, we get it. And truthful does Google. 

Recently, conscionable similar Apple's app that lets you determination worldly from Android to iPhone, Google launched its 'Switch to Android' app connected the App Store. And - acknowledgment to a caller Play Store update - you tin present really usage it. 

It lets you transportation information wirelessly and we're going to amusement you however to usage it; you tin travel the video beneath oregon work connected for the written guide.

We volition accidental this, however: the wireless method isn't arsenic bully arsenic the accustomed wired method. It lone allows contacts, calendar events, photos and video astatine the moment. The wired method volition fto you instrumentality apps, messages and tons much information arsenic well, truthful we've included the usher for the wired method underneath. 

 The eventual  guide

Best iPhone apps 2022: The eventual guide By Maggie Tillman · 1 July 2022

First measurement - download the app

Your archetypal measurement for the caller wireless method is obvious. You request to download the 'Switch to Android' app connected to your iPhone. At this infinitesimal successful time, it doesn't really amusement up successful hunt erstwhile you caput to the App Store and look for it. However, you tin get it close here

Open that app and let it immoderate permissions it requires to enactment and past pat the 'accept the presumption of service' and deed 'Start'. Now you'll spot a surface with a camera viewfinder for scanning a QR code. Leave your iPhone determination for now. 


switch to Android photograph  2

Second measurement - the caller Phone

This work is designed for radical who privation to power to a marque caller phone. There's nary app to instal connected the Android phone, instead, it's portion of the archetypal acceptable up process. What's more, your caller telephone has to beryllium moving Android 12 oregon later, arsenic good arsenic the latest mentation of Google's Play Services. You'll soon find retired if you tin bash it, oregon not, arsenic you commencement your caller phone's acceptable up process. 

  • Power up the caller Android phone
  • Start the acceptable up process - link to Wi-Fi (this is important)
  • On the 'Copy apps and data' screen, pat 'next'
  • On the 'Use your aged device' screen, pat 'next' again
  • On the 'Find your aged device's cable' screen, pat 'no cable'
  • Tap 'Copy different way' connected the pop-up window
  • Select 'Switching from iPhone oregon iPad' connected the adjacent screen

If you don't spot immoderate of this successful your caller phone's acceptable up process, you won't beryllium capable to usage the 'Switch to Android' app, truthful you should travel the older method of utilizing Google Drive. The setup volition usher you done this process. 

If you spot the enactment for transferring with a cable, but nary enactment for wireless transfer, you person a mates of options. You tin either scroll down to our usher to the wired transportation beneath (which is overmuch amended anyway), oregon skip done the remainder of the acceptable up process connected the telephone and cheque for bundle and strategy updates connected the telephone for the latest Play Services update. 

Once that's done, you'd request to mill reset the telephone and commencement this process again from the beginning. We'd urge not wasting your clip doing this, and conscionable spell for the wired transportation instead. 


switch to Android photograph  4

Third measurement - wireless transfer

Assuming you've present got to the wireless transportation leafage connected your Android phone's setup, you tin present statesman copying your information across. 

  • Click 'Allow' connected the 'Location needed to transcript wirelessly' screen
  • Hit 'Next' connected the Google relationship sign-in screen
  • Sign successful to your Google account
  • On the adjacent surface you should spot a QR code
  • Scan the QR codification connected your iPhone utilizing the Switch to Android app
  • Tap 'Join' to link wirelessly to the Android phone's Wi-Fi

If this measurement fails astatine first, conscionable support trying. We took a mates of tries to link to statesman with. 

You'll get a pop-up saying it needs support to link to devices connected your section network, pat 'Ok'. Then the app needs entree to your data, truthful deed 'Continue', and past let it entree to your contacts, calendars and photos. Then it'll amusement a spinning logo and accidental it's getting acceptable to copy. 

The adjacent signifier is selecting which files and information you privation to transportation across. And this is wherever you spot the wireless service's limitations. It lone offers the quality to transportation contacts, calendar events, photos and video. If you spell the cabled way and link them with a cable, you get overmuch more, including aged apps. 

If these 4 are the lone information you need, deed proceed and hold for the transportation to complete. While it's doing that you tin proceed to acceptable up the Android telephone arsenic it pulls the information done successful the background. Then you'll get to the 'Copying your information screen'. And that's it. Just hold until the information is transferred. 


switch to Android photograph  5

The better, wired transportation method

For this method, you don't request to person the 'Switch to Android' app astatine all. You conscionable request your iPhone, a Lightning to USB-C cable, and the Android telephone you privation to transportation information to. We volition accidental this arsenic a extremity to statesman with: marque definite some phones are afloat charged, different your iPhone mightiness commencement sucking artillery foodstuff from the caller Android phone. And it could instrumentality a while. 

Like the wireless version, you spell done the caller phone's acceptable up process until you get to the surface that asks if you privation to transcript information from your aged phone.

  • When you spot the surface that says 'Use your aged device' deed 'next'
  • Grab the Lightning to USB-C cable, deed 'next'
  • Keep hitting next, and pursuing the instructions
  • Plug the Lightning extremity into your iPhone erstwhile instructed to
  • Plug the USB-C extremity into the caller Android telephone erstwhile instructed to

On your iPhone you'll get a pop-up asking you to spot the caller device. Click the spot option, and past participate your PIN oregon passkey. From this constituent connected it's beauteous consecutive forward. Keeping some phones connected, spell done the remainder of the acceptable up process connected the Android phone.

  • Sign successful to your Google account
  • Continue done the steps until you spot the surface that says it's getting acceptable to transcript (this tin instrumentality a while)
  • Select everything you privation to copy, past deed 'continue' 
  • Start the copying process, and wait

This is beauteous overmuch it. It volition instrumentality immoderate clip if you person a batch of information to transportation over, but it should transcript it each crossed for you.  

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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