How to set up Alexa on your Sonos system

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(Pocket-lint) - All Sonos devices are compatible with Alexa dependable control, though presently lone six - the Sonos One, the Sonos Beam, the Sonos Beam Gen 2), Sonos Move, Sonos Arc and Sonos Roam - person Alexa capabilities built into them. 

To power each different Sonos devices utilizing Alexa, you volition request an Alexa-enabled device, specified arsenic 1 of Amazon's Echo devices, a Fire tablet, oregon the Sonos One, Sonos Beam, Sonos Arc, Sonos Roam oregon Sonos Move.

This diagnostic guides you done however to adhd Alexa enactment to your Sonos devices.


How to alteration Alexa connected Sonos

You'll request to marque definite you're moving the latest bundle connected your Sonos app and speakers. To bash this, unfastened the Sonos app > Tap connected Settings successful the bottommost close country > System > System Updates > Check for Updates.

After you've installed the latest software, travel the instructions beneath to alteration Alexa connected Sonos:

  • Open the Sonos app
  • Tap the Settings successful the bottommost close country of the app
  • Tap connected 'Services & Voice'
  • Tap connected 'Add a Voice Assistant' nether the Voice section
  • Click connected 'Amazon Alexa'
  • Click connected 'Add Amazon Alexa'
  • Select the country you privation to adhd Amazon Alexa to
  • Tap connected 'Sign successful to Amazon' and travel the instructions
  • Tap connected 'Add to different room' to adhd Alexa to different Sonos speaker

Those instructions volition get your Sonos relationship and Amazon accounts liked up, but you'll besides request to alteration the Sonos accomplishment successful the Alexa app to get the astir retired of Alexa connected Sonos and play euphony with your voice.

To alteration the Sonos accomplishment successful the Alexa app:

  • Open the Amazon Alexa app connected your smartphone oregon tablet
  • Tap the 'More' tab
  • Tap connected the 'Skills & Games'
  • Search for 'Sonos' utilizing the Skills hunt icon successful the apical close of your screen
  • Tap connected the Sonos skill
  • Tap 'Enable to Use'
  • You'll past request to nexus your Sonos and Amazon accounts. You'll beryllium redirected to Sonos' homepage successful bid to motion into your Sonos account.
  • Give support to let Alexa to power your Sonos system. Press 'Okay' past 'Continue'
  • A new window volition popular up, property 'Close'
  • You'll past request to pat 'Discover Devices' connected the adjacent screen. This volition hunt your location web for each compatible Sonos speakers.
  • All your speakers should present beryllium listed and you tin nonstop music, etc to them via an Alexa device. Be definite to accidental the country sanction if your asking Alexa to play euphony connected a Sonos instrumentality that isn't the Sonos One, Sonos Arc, Sonos Beam, Sonos Beam (Gen 2), Sonos Roam oregon Sonos Move.


Sonos Alexa representation  2

How Alexa works connected Sonos

Alexa enactment connected the Sonos One, Beam, Beam 2, Arc, Roam and Move is akin to the acquisition connected Amazon Echo, but not rather arsenic seamless and determination are a fewer features missing similar Alexa calling. You volition beryllium capable to usage your Sonos One, Beam, Beam 2, Arc, Roam and Move to power immoderate smart location devices that are compatible with Amazon Alexa however, arsenic good arsenic inquire Alexa to execute assorted tasks, including delivering a upwind update, answering a question oregon ordering you an Uber, for example.

For galore features, you'll request to marque definite you person each the skills enabled successful the Alexa app, arsenic you would for Amazon Echo. 

You'll besides beryllium capable to usage your Sonos One, Beam, Arc, Roam oregon Move to nonstop euphony and different audio tracks to your different Sonos speakers that don't person Amazon Alexa built in.

For example, accidental "Alexa, play Drake successful the surviving room" and euphony by Drake volition commencement to play connected the Sonos talker you person antecedently designated "living room". Read our Sonos tips and tricks to alteration a country name. Music volition play from your default euphony service, which you tin alteration successful the Alexa app. It's besides imaginable to play oregon shuffle Sonos playlists you've manually created.

For Sonos speakers without Alexa built-in, truthful the Sonos One SLPlay:1, Play:3, Play:5, PlaybasePlaybar and Ray, you won't them talking backmost to you arsenic you would with Amazon Echo oregon the Sonos Beam, One, Arc, Roam and Move. Instead, Alexa efficaciously becomes the Sonos controller, the Sonos talker itself does not go a dependable assistant.

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