How to enable Facebook Messenger's dark mode (no moon emoji required)

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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook Messenger's acheronian mode was primitively a spot of a concealed erstwhile it archetypal came astir successful 2019, with users having to nonstop a crescent satellite successful bid to activate it.

That's nary longer the lawsuit though. Here's however to crook acheronian mode connected successful Facebook Messenger.


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What is simply a acheronian mode?

People who usage their phones oregon computers precocious astatine nighttime oregon successful the acheronian often endure from oculus strain. This is due to the fact that galore fashionable websites, apps, and adjacent instrumentality idiosyncratic interfaces (UI) usage airy colour schemes.

There's been probe to suggest that acheronian modes, which re-skin the look of a site, app, oregon UI truthful that they look darker, are much beneficial to not lone your wellness but besides your device's battery.

As a result, Android and iOS devices some offer a system-wide acheronian mode and you'll find services similar Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp, among plentifulness of others including Facebook Messenger, each offering a dark mode you tin enable.


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How to alteration Facebook Messenger's acheronian mode

When Facebook Messenger's acheronian mode diagnostic archetypal debuted successful 2019, it was an easter egg. As mentioned previously, you had to nonstop a crescent satellite emoji in a chat to a person to alteration it. But, connected 15 April 2019, Facebook rolled out dark mode for each users.

So, here's however to alteration it:

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  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app
  2. Tap connected your illustration photograph successful the apical near of the Messenger app to entree settings
  3. Toggle connected acheronian mode to power the chat taxable from achromatic to black.

Who tin effort Facebook Messenger's acheronian mode?

Facebook Messenger's acheronian mode is disposable globally.

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