BMW Operating System 8 will run with Android Automotive on some future BMW models

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(Pocket-lint) - BMW has softly announced that it's going to beryllium utilizing Android Automotive connected immoderate aboriginal BMW models.

The company's cars usage its ain idiosyncratic interface, presently BMW Operating System 8 which runs connected a Linux-based platform, but the caller announcement confirms that the institution volition beryllium embracing Android Automotive successful the future.

The determination is designed to let for greater lawsuit customisation and "expanded integer features and options", according to BMW.

Android Automotive is Google's in-car platform. It has been gaining popularity implicit caller years, but doesn't mean you'll extremity up with a bundle acquisition similar the latest Android smartphone.

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Instead it provides a level for car manufacturers to enactment with and it's apt that, visually, the in-car acquisition that BMW offers volition stay the same, sticking to the acquainted BMW Operating System that's been evolving implicit the past 10 oregon truthful years.

There tin beryllium a Google-like acquisition to Android Automotive - arsenic you'll find successful Polestar for illustration - but it's apt that BMW is going to beryllium utilizing Android Automotive to marque it easier to make with, alternatively than due to the fact that they privation to offer, for example, Google Maps.

Indeed, determination whitethorn beryllium nary Google services included arsenic portion of the offering. As we said, it's apt that determination won't beryllium a immense alteration successful the ocular quality arsenic BMW volition privation to support the acquisition for BMW customers.

"We are integrating the champion aspects of each worlds - that could beryllium our ain in-house developments, Open Source oregon commercialized bundle products, depending connected what the circumstantial solution looks like," said pb developer for the integer driving experience, Stephan Durach.

"We marque definite our customers ever bask a unique, customised integer acquisition successful their vehicle."

BMW has confirmed that Android Automotive volition beryllium utilized successful immoderate vehicles from March 2023 and we fishy that we'll beryllium seeing tiny indicators of the further options it offers highlighted successful aboriginal launches.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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