7 Takeaways From the Trial of Alex Jones

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U.S.|What Was Revealed About Alex Jones’s Net Worth and More successful His Trial


Aug. 5, 2022, 2:56 p.m. ET

Aug. 5, 2022, 2:56 p.m. ET

Alex Jones, who has for years dispersed  lies astir  the Sandy Hook massacre and its victims’ families done  his media level    Infowars, was held financially liable  this week for the archetypal  time.
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The proceedings this week for damages that the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones indispensable wage to the parents of a kid killed successful the 2012 wide shooting astatine Sandy Hook Elementary School has revealed absorbing details astir Mr. Jones and his Infowars media company, which helium utilized to dispersed lies astir the shooting.

The assemblage successful Austin, Texas, awarded much than $4 cardinal successful compensatory damages connected Thursday and was deliberating punitive damages connected Friday.

The Sandy Hook School Massacre

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Mr. Jones was recovered liable past twelvemonth of defaming the victims’ families aft helium dispersed bogus theories that the shooting had been portion of a authorities crippled to confiscate Americans’ firearms and that the victims’ families had been complicit successful the scheme. This week’s proceedings is the archetypal of 3 that volition find how overmuch Mr. Jones owes the families for the suffering helium has caused.

Here are respective cardinal takeaways from the intimately watched trial.

  • After Mr. Jones was ruled liable by default successful the Sandy Hook cases, helium began transferring $11,000 a time into a ammunition institution helium controls, Bernard Pettingill Jr., an economical consultant, told the assemblage connected Friday.

  • Mr. Pettingill estimated that the nett worthy of Mr. Jones and Free Speech Systems, the genitor institution of Infowars, was betwixt $135 cardinal to $270 million. At 1 point, Mr. Jones was paying himself an mean of $6 cardinal a year, Mr. Pettingill said.

  • A lawyer for Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, whose 6-year-old lad Jesse Lewis died successful the 2012 attack, presented records connected Wednesday showing that Infowars had made much than $800,000 a time astatine 1 constituent successful 2018. Mr. Jones said the magnitude had stemmed from a peculiarly lucrative play during the Conservative Political Action Conference.

  • On Friday, a lawyer for Ms. Lewis and Mr. Heslin asked the jurors to grant astir $146 cardinal successful punitive damages, saying they had an accidental to “stop Alex Jones. Stop the monetization of misinformation and lies.” Mr. Jones’s lawyer asked for a $270,000 award, saying Mr. Jones had “apologized repeatedly and offered to person the parents connected his show.”

  • Jurors learned connected Wednesday that Mr. Jones’s lawyer had accidentally sent 2 years’ worthy of substance messages to the families’ lawyers. The worldly appeared to contradict claims that helium had made nether oath astir his finances and messages helium had exchanged astir Sandy Hook. The trove of messages is present of involvement to the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, onslaught connected the Capitol, which is scrutinizing Mr. Jones’s relation successful readying events starring up to the riot.

  • The proceedings included respective days of affectional testimony, including 90 minutes connected Tuesday erstwhile Ms. Lewis personally addressed Mr. Jones, asking him wherefore helium had knowingly dispersed lies astir the decease of her son. “Alex, I privation you to perceive this,” she said. “We’re much polarized than ever arsenic a country. Some of that is due to the fact that of you.”

  • Thursday’s determination was the archetypal clip Mr. Jones had been held financially liable for defaming the victims’ parents. Two different trials to found damages for Sandy Hook parents from Mr. Jones person been scheduled for adjacent month, though they whitethorn beryllium delayed due to the fact that his institution filed for bankruptcy past week. Mr. Jones said successful his bankruptcy filing that helium had paid $15 cardinal truthful acold successful ineligible costs for the Sandy Hook litigation.

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